Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chelsea Girls

The Andrea Rosen Gallery is currently running a small exhibit of erotic art in its Gallery 2 space. The highlight for me was getting to see Marcel Duchamp's Prière de toucher in the flesh, so to speak. The show's a mixed bag, and the gallery website and exhibit space does a poor job telling who did what piece, but those shortcomings don't diminish the few really nice works in the show. If you're in the neighborhood to check out the Tom Friedman exhibit, this space is right next door and worth a few moments of your time. Here are my shots of the pieces I liked the most:

Duchamp. This would later be revealed as a step on the path to Etant Donnes, but at the time it was just the cover of a surrealism exhibition. Any day I get to see an original Duchamp is a good day.

Tetsumi Kudo produced this haunting sculpture that I read as a surrealist meditation on the persistence of sexual desire through the process of physical decay.

I'm not 100% certain this rude drawing is by John Currin, but it sure seems like his approach. I love the line here, especially in the way it portrays the frankness of the figure's facial expression. It's beautiful, intimate and without shame.

The Andrea Rosen Gallery is located at 525 West 24th Street in Manhattan. This exhibit is on view in Gallery 2 until March 24.

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