Saturday, February 4, 2012

Talking Fitness With Wuvable Oaf

I'm pretty enamored of Ed Luce's comic Wuvable Oaf. The series chronicles the lives of an ensemble cast orbiting around Oaf Jadwiga, a large, muscular, hairy, and exceedingly sweet gay dude who loves kitties and the Smiths and is looking for Mr. Right. Part of the humor is that Luce juxtaposes personality against physical type so strikingly. Oaf is a menacing looking character whose behavior is so shockingly sweet that a lot of humor is mined from that dissonance. And part of the strength is that Luce has a tremendous command of his page with powerful b/w design and great physical acting. I think it's the best alt-comics sitcom to come around since the days of Peter Bagge's Hate and Bob Fingerman's Minimum Wage.

So, it was a little jarring when I was at the gym today and met a dude who looked exactly like this:

I had just come in from the fitness floor and was listening to High On Fire, when I double-taked on how much this guy resembled Luce's lovesick character. His mouth moved to say something, so I took off my headphones.

"You all done," he asked? He was extremely soft-spoken and cheerful.

"No," I said, opening up my locker and putting my notebook away, "I'm just heading out to do weights."

"So you do your cardio first?" he asked.


"I used to do that," he said, "but I found that it affected my gain. That, and after doing the 30 minutes of cardio, I found that I'd be too tired to do weights right."

"So, do you just go straight to weights?" I asked.

"I'll do some stretching first. Or you can do like 10 minutes of cardio to get your heart rate going. But if you do your weights first and then do your cardio, your muscle gain will be better." Then he broke into a conspiratorial tone and said, "And if you're looking to lose weight, you'll actually lose it faster."

"Thanks, man," I said, "that's interesting. I'll try it out."

"No problem, brother," he said. "Us big guys gotta take care of one another."

I met Wuvable Oaf at Downtown Fitness at 380 One Canal Place in New Orleans. If you don't have occasion to meet him, or even if you do, you should read the comics by Ed Luce.

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