Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I got back from Chicago on the red eye and crashed out long enough to go back into the office for a few short hours.  By the time I was done with gym and it was time to go home, I had the "no clue what time zone I'm in" not awake/not asleep sensation, so I took the opportunity to see what art was doing on the street.  I came across these pieces on the Bowery.

This Batman poster was cute, and once again evidence that comics are so mainstream that inside jokes like this play to street strolling New Yorkers:

 I liked this graphic a lot. It looks like viral advertising for a Jonathan Hickman joint:

Meanwhile, The New Museum had this video still-life.  I don't know whether or not I like it, but the colors are pleasing and the execution an interesting juxtaposition of classical values, contemporary technology, and 20th Century subject matter:

On the whole, I suppose it really does succeed, because it makes me consider the fleeting nature of content, the disposable nature of storage media, and the persistence of art history.

For my complex love/acrimony relationship with New York, I must admire its ability to consistently be a space for art to promulgate, and I'm lucky to be here to see what it's doing today, and most especially to see what's going to be gone tomorrow.

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