Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've talked about my affection for New Orleans as a city in a constant state of regeneration and decay, but my home of New York follows a pattern much more grandiose than that.

Here the city is in a constant state of arrival and departure.  New appears sudden and fully formed, like a city of radiant Athenas arriving beautiful, forceful, and complete from the brow of this city that has no time for incubation.  The flowers to the left did not occur on any kind of natural cycle.  They exploded at the peak of their powers within the beds of Washington Square Park,where they are vibrant masters of the spring.

New York spring is a privilege to experience.

Last week I got to take a half day and wander my city's late afternoon streets, luxuriating in the warm climate and the gorgeous new life taking hold of the town.  Here are a few things I saw.

Probably the coolest thing was this Gehry structure that's going in downtown.  I love how its twisting, gleaming lines stand tall above these old downtown structures:

But the most substantial pleasure was finally getting a chance to ride the East River Ferry back to Williamsburg.  It's a short but beautiful hop showcasing the majesty of lower Manhattan, the powerful stature of our bridges, and the radiant views of Manhattan and Brooklyn offered by the humble East River.  Here are some shots:

The cool sunset wind, the lapping waves, the skyscrapers blinking to light against the fading afternoon sky is why people fall in love with this place.  It was a good reminder for me -- take nothing, especially where you are, for granted.

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