Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cosplay At The Superdome

The Saints are having a terrible year, but it's a testament to their fans that each game is brimming with enthusiasm and the best cosplay in NFL fandom. Last week's loss in overtime was excruciating for these true believers, but the energy they put into their game day game faces is worth saluting.

I guess this guy is a conehead that fell to earth, landed on Bourbon street and got a tattoo.  His girlfriend must like projects.

Speaking of love.  
 These guys are half way between The Big Lebowski and The Borgias:

This is the face that launched a thousand nightmares:

Last year at NYCC I realized that Marvel Comics are as mainstream as the NFL, and watching the sport these days I see the line between football and superhero media is now paper thin.  As these guys attest:

Other intersections of football and geek media included:

 I love this pensive shot.  Put this guy on a postage stamp RIGHT NOW:
 On the other side of the icons, The King was in:
But I think the entire gestalt was best summarized by this celebration by our holy crew, completed by the lady beside them holding the Fleurty Girl Coach on a Stick, the frightened child and the macho dude at right looking on with approving NASCAR eyes:
This week will be make or break for the Saints, I think, but their fans remain my favorite in the sport.  Here's looking forward to an epic bout of cosplay when Green Bay's Cheeseheads, themselves some fine cosplayers square off against the Who Dat Nation.

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